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Bookkeeping, Payroll, HR
& Coaching Services

Customized for You
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Based in West Los Angeles
serving clients across the US


A Note from Founder & CEO Laura Ornelas Keenan

I started Treasury Boutique in 2012 and its been incredible to experience the power of community and personal referrals that have allowed us to grow organically over the years. Our goal is always to build a close relationship with our clients, offering you an a-la-carte boutique of resources aimed at making your lives easier both inside and outside of work. I think the human touch is what really sets us apart, and it is an important element we cling to. There is no 'one size fits all' and in an effort to bring our clients sanity, we mold our services to your needs, while also coaching and guiding you and your staff towards efficiency and productivity. While we work with companies all over the US, and in a large variety of industries, the world of hospitality will always have a special place in our hearts. We proudly work with restaurants ranging from one location to 10+ units; with chefs boasting James Beard awards and Michelin stars; and every member of our staff has service experience in their history. 

Treasuy Boutique, bookkeeper, human resources, payroll processing
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