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Businesses in the hospitality industry such as restaurants and bars face specific challenges in compliance and financial management. At Treasury Boutique we have a special interest in these businesses and know first hand the struggles they face. Below are a few of the services we offer specific to the hospitality industry:

Food & Beverage Costing

Knowing your cost of goods is imperative to evaluating the success of your restaurant or bar. There are numerous factors that need to be accounted for as well as tracked in order to achieve a truthful cost of goods. We can teach you these factors, help you track them, and work with you to get where you want.

Staff Compliance

Employee rest breaks, meal breaks, scheduling laws, and employee certifications are just a few of the many reasons a business owner can be put at risk.  Make sure you are aware of where your strengths and weaknesses in order to protect yourself and your investments. 

HR Record Keeping

Most small businesses do not have room in their budget for an HR administrator, putting themselves at risk for fees, penalties, and legal affairs. We can teach you the laws specific to your industry, including employee breaks, compensation, and FMLA. We will also teach you how to maintain your records properly, so your company is not at risk.


Many times, financial discrepancies can be found in a thorough inventory analysis. Having a third party calculate your inventory can be an extra way to protect yourself from fraud and theft. We can show you how to properly take and account for your inventory, or we can do it for you.

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